EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™ Step 1: Earthworks is so committed to the process of continuous recycling of recycled polymeric scrap that we will arrange for your scrap to be delivered to our facilities.

EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™ plastic card collection includes arranging for the placement of receptacles suitable for receiving and retaining plastic cards at convenient locations; arranging for collection of the plastic cards from the receptacles; and arranging for the transport of the plastic cards from the point of collection to our facility for recycling. Earthworks can also alternatively work with you to create a plan that satisfies your recycling needs. The EARTHWORKS SYSTEM� is an easy, zero-cost way for you to demonstrate your company's commitment to environmental responsibility!

EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™ Step 2: Over 75 million pounds of PVC material from plastic cards enters this country's waste stream each year. Now EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™ plastic card recycling offers an alternative to throwing away these plastic cards - recycle them! Earthworks has developed a system in which scrap polymeric material is recovered from consumers and retailers, reground into recycled scrap polymeric particles, and then recycled into a section of polymeric sheet material which is then distributed for use manufacturing new plastic cards. The result: the plastic cards formed originally from recycled polymeric scrap material can themselves become recycled polymeric scrap material for the production of new plastic cards.

EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™Step 3: Earthworks uses plastic material comprising recycled polymeric scrap material that is recovered from conventional plastic card manufacturing processes or post-consumer scrap. The EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™ plastic material used to form sheets of plastic card stock and/or plastic cards comprises a reduced amount of virgin polymeric material relative to conventional constructions. Earthworks aims to improve the quality of the environment by minimizing the use of virgin polymeric materials during manufacturing operations of plastic sheets. Whether the sheets are single layer or multi-layered, at least one or more of the layers can be formed from recycled polymeric scrap material which can reduce the cost of manufacturing plastic cards and can reduce the overall environmental impact of the same. Earthworks earth-friendly recycling and plastic production is leading the charge for conservation and reuse!

Contact us for ordering and pricing of the EARTHWORKS SYSTEM™ at:

Earthworks System LLC
33200 Bainbridge Road, Suite E
Solon, OH 44139
T. (440) 349-3434
F. (440) 349-3435

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