Take a look in your wallet.

ID cards, credit cards, driver's license, library card, video rental card, membership cards, shopper discount cards, retailer gift cards…

Many of these cards are made from a base material of PVC plastic. There are 10 billion new cards placed in circulation every year. When these cards are replaced or reach their expiration dates, most of them are thrown in the trash, contributing more than 75 million pounds of PVC material to the waste stream every year.

What’s the solution?

Earthworks™ provides a green alternative to PVC by producing cards made from 100% recycled PVC material. Using this American-made recycled card material conserves energy by reducing the demand for new PVC, and goes a long way toward reducing landfill volume and protecting the environment.

What can I do?

Living green isn’t just "buzz" anymore. Voice your demand for earth-friendly recycled PVC gift cards and customer loyalty cards at your local retailer. The next time you purchase a gift card, ask your retailer if they offer the Earthworks earth-friendly alternative.  If you are looking for a way to recycle your used cards, please click here for more information on sending your cards to us!

Think about what’s in your wallet

Student ID cards, driver’s license, credit cards, and gift cards. Lots of cards.

Most of these cards can be made from recycled PVC.